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Monthly archive for February 2009

Cold and Gray

Today was so cold and gray; it’s hard to believe anyone was at the gym.  I have VERY exciting news.  I lost another pound last week AND…..Today I ran for 20 straight minutes!!! No walking, just running!  I was so scared I wouldn’t make it, but I […]

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This Is So Unreal, I Almost Ran 2 Miles!

Today I ran for 8 minutes, not once, but twice, that’s so unreal!!!!! The Nike iPod lady let me know I ran my fastest mile to date.  I ran 1.96 miles in 32 minutes.  I can’t wait until I break the 2 mile point; I’m so close […]

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Running with the Wii Fit

Nothing really exciting today, I went to the gym; I did three 5 minute running intervals spaced by 3 walk intervals.  It feels good to be able to run without feeling like I’m a second from quitting.  I’m eating a lot better, which of course makes me […]

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I got a Wii

I got a Wii, its soooo much fun.  Boxing, tennis, bowling, fishing, it’s great.  I almost broke a sweat, and my arm is definitely tired.  This is not your traditional game console.

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Beauty Costs

Another good run…This time hurt a lot less, it was much less painful than that Indian woman threading my eyebrows, which do look fabulous…..  I guess beauty costs….It was too cold to run outside, so I went to the gym.  I felt so cute in my new […]

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