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Getting Nervous

I’m starting to get a little nervous as I look at the calendar, my race is in just a couple weeks…will I really be ready? I scoped out the 5K race path in the park today.  It seems so long, but fortunately there was only one rollercoaster […]

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Sunday Workout

I was so busy on Saturday, and The Weather Channel threatened snow, so I missed my workout.  No worries, I made up for it today.  It was still a little cold so I went to the gym.  The little sister and her friend joined me.  I’m up […]

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America’s Next Top Runner

  Okay, so I didn’t do the extra work out, and started all that self-defeating talk; what made me think I could do this?, I’ll never be able to run 3 miles, I need to lose more weight first, it hurts too much.  Then I thought about […]

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My 1st Failure!

Oh geez, today was my 1st failure, I punked out about 2/3 of the way through my run, I got a cramp in my leg, and a cramp in my side.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t stretch good or had too much on my […]

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Sisters & Brothers & Babies Oh My!

    Today, I made some really bad food choices, donuts for breakfast and Mickey D’s for lunch.  My body did not appreciate it and I felt like crap.  So, I combed my hair and put on my lip gloss, even though I was teased by my […]

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