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Brawling at the Gym!

Okay, well not really…but almost.  So I achieved my 5K goals, and decided to “reward” myself and take off a couple days from working out, which turning into an entire week… my body was so stiff, and my sexy toned calf muscles were beginning to turn into mush, it was definitely time […]

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My Big 5K Race Day! I MADE IT!!!!

  Today was my Big Race Day.  I must admit I’m so proud to say, I Made It!  I jogged for 3.1 miles.  My 2 goals were to finish in under an hour, and not to come in last.  I met both of them!  While listening to the Rocky […]

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I’m Ready for the World

  Today could not have been better; it started off with a free tax day massage in Keiner Plaza downtown, and ended with a 5K run!  Yes you read it right, I actually did it.  I can’t freaking believe it.  And I did it in under an […]

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A very long run

I keep telling myself, It’s now or never; the race is Saturday.  Today was an unpredictable April day in Saint Louis, will it rain, snow, shine, you never know.  I went to gym because it’s weather proof.  I went up to the track, calibrated my Nike iPod […]

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Working Out on Vacation

  I worked out on vacation, not only did I work out on vacation, I got up and left the cozy condo early in the morning to go jogging.  I went to the gym on the resort because it was cold and rainy.  This time, I was […]

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