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I Dream About Working Out

Dali Lights Dream

Dali Lights Dream

I went out of town this weekend to help one of my best friend’s move.  She bought her 1st house, Yay!  I packed my workout gear in my luggage, and planned for the best.  I set my cell phone alarm for my 6 AM run because I learned my lesson about beating the heat.  However, when I got up my body hurt so bad, I could hardly walk to the bathroom to blow my nose….I still had a cold, and yesterday’s boot camp kicked my butt more than I realized.  I went back to bed actually upset that I wasn’t physically able to workout.  But here’s the crazy part.  I had a dream that I was working out…in the dream, I went to boot camp class, and I was so motivated that after the long hard class I was still jumping rope and running.  Never in my life have I dreamed about working out!  Have I taken this too far?

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