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My Fabulous 2 AM workout!

Yes, I missed my Wednesday workout.  My body felt totally gross.  Who knew I would physically crave working out…Mentally, I’m still very much opposed to physical activity, but my body is on a whole different level.  My little sister described me as a “lazy active person.”  As […]

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The Final Boot Camp

This morning’s boot camp class was the last one in this session.  That was the only reason, I rolled over, stepped over sleeping Nyah, and picked up the little sister.  Since it was chilly this morning, (60 degrees in late July), I put on the track pants […]

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Birthday Bootcamp

Today is the lil sister’s birthday, and she forces everyone who crosses her path to acknowledge that it as a special day.  I told her she had to wait until to the sun came up before I could even attempt to sing “Happy Birthday.”  Boot camp class […]

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A Red Carpet Workout

So does this mean that I was working out in the hottest new couture dress, and dripping with diamonds?  Absolutely not, I was stuffed in my Skinny Jeans and dripping with sweat.  I agreed to do the city court filings for my job today.  Today was the […]

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I Am An All-Star 5 K Runner!

Go Carli it’s your Birthday!  Okay, so it’s not my B-day, but it felt like it.  This morning when I got up at 6AM, I was so nervous that I was almost sick to my stomach.  I had to pray and calm myself down.  When I got in […]

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