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Jumping Rope

jump-ropeI was determined not to be late for boot camp class since I was late the last time. I thought that I would adjust to getting up at the crack of dawn, but I have not.  Ironically, we still made it to class on time today. Everyone else however, did not, so we had to do 4 sets of “late push-ups” for each of the slackers. In between the push ups we jumped rope.   That seemed easy enough, I jumped rope as a kid all the time, even double dutch. Well let me tell you, a few years and few too many pounds later, makes jumping rope a little harder than it was on the playground. This was all followed by a “pyramid” of jumping jacks and squats. 10 jumping jacks, run to the other end of the tennis court, 10 squats, run back, 9 jumping jacks, run back 9 squats run back…then finish the countdown to zero! And this was an easy class!

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