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YEAH BABY! I’m Certified to Teach You

OMG! It’s Official!  I am an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  I wonder if I get to add credential letters at the end of my signature?  LOL.  My wildest dreams are slowing coming into fruition.    My crazy ambition is gradually becoming a part of who I really […]

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Studying Hard

I’m studying hard for my test.  You know… the test to become a Group Fitness Instructor.  My mission is to use my journey to help people lose weight and get healthy.  It’s funny my Uncle asked me “so what do you do for the test, run up a flight […]

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Nothing to Brag About

Hey Guys.  Today was just like the title said, Nothing to brag about.  I haven’t worked out since Monday, and I’ve been eating sooo bad.  Breakfast was okay, I had a Fiber One granola bar, lunch was fried rice and the best crab rangoon from a Thai restaurant downtown.  Somehow […]

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I Would Rather…

Today, I would have rather stayed at home and clean nasty chitlins, instead of going to the gym for my run.  (if you didn’t laugh, click here.) Of course, I don’t eat chitlins or even have any at home, but that was the least enjoyable thing in the world […]

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Helping Haiti

Today was a great day, this morning, I got up taught my “Your Body is His Temple” fitness class at church.  I had this crazy feeling that nobody was going to show up.  But, I was very wrong, there were about 8 or 9 class participants.  The […]

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