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I’m Wiped

Ladies and a few gentlemen who tolerate my excessive girliness, I’m wiped.  Work is kicking my whole size 18 behind.  I might have lived it up during my work-cation in Los Angeles, but I quickly learned that they are going to make me earn it.  Working for […]

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Boot Camp on Steroids

OMG! Boot camp class tonight was so over the top. I don’t know if Lyle was mad at somebody or what. We did 90 reps, yes I said 90 reps of everything. I couldn’t believe it when he said do 100 jumping jacks and run to the […]

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A Delicious Walk

I went to boot camp class last night.  I pretty much limped the whole way through it.  I tried to run, but my left knee was killing me, so I just walked during the runs.  I was so happy that class wasn’t as hard as I thought it […]

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From Oops to WOW

I lost 3.4 pounds at my Weight Watcher’s weigh in today!  I was honestly quite shocked.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been mostly eating right, sorta tracking my food, but totally getting in activity. Oh yeah, and I gave up cookies.  I guess all of […]

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Treadmill Training

My body, wasn’t sore today, so maybe it is good that I took the day off and went on my shopping adventure.  I love walking in the park, but it was so gross and raining outside that me and the little sis were forced to go to […]

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