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Star Studded Dinner

Today was great!  I walked a half mile to the training center from the hotel, like I’ve done everyday since I got here.  The training session was soooo super boring, I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open and I wonder how I’ll stand another day of […]

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My Work-cation in Hollywood

Guess where I am?  Yep, Hollywood, Los Angles California.  I’m so excited to be here.  My job sent me here for a week long computer training class, but I’m staying for the weekend and spending time with my Aunt that’s an actress.  Everyone in LA is such a character….  […]

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My Longest Walk Ever – 5 Miles!

I woke up this morning a half an hour before my alarm clock went off thinking about getting ready for my half marathon.  I know you can’t cram for a half marathon, but that’s not going to stop me from trying.  I decided to walk 5 miles today.  […]

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Just to Vent

This has nothing to do with running or eating healthy. Just a post to vent…..So my little sister came over and spent the night. She always does, what 15 year old doesn’t want to leave her parents house every chance she gets? This is not the problem. […]

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Agh, Girl Scout Cookies

Yesterday, I casually checked my blog stats expecting to see the normal couple hundred or so visitors.  When I saw 1,034 hits in one day, I screamed.  I literally screamed.  Nyah came running in to see what was wrong.  I told her “Baby, I’m going reach my goal of […]

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