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I’m Ready

Finally, after Days and Days of feeling kinda stuck in a slump.  I got my Mojo  back.  I’m ready!  I’m ready to love myself enough to treat my body like I deserve.  After about a week of not blogging, not working out and eating all kinds of […]

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The Mirror Challenge

Yesterday, I was watching one of the final episodes of the Tyra Show *tear*  (I TiVo it every day)….One of her guest’s was a young lady who was brutally raped while attempting to go to a modeling gig.  The so-called modeling recruiter beat her so badly that she had […]

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Happy 2nd B-Day Niecy Poo

Today was my niece’s 2nd Birthday.  Well, technically her b-day was yesterday, but her party was today.  Her birthdays are always so special.  I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys the whole story, but my niece was born 4 months too early, my sister was […]

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Just a Regular Hump-day

Yesterday, I went to boot camp, but I was having such a bad day and I was in such a crabby mood, that I didn’t really want to write about it and bring everybody down to my level.  I felt fat, I had cramps, I miss my cousin, […]

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Holy Crap!

I couldn’t choose between “Holy Crap” (because today is Sunday) or “I Was Full of Crap” as a blog post title.  Because, both titles are totally accurate…..  Somehow, some way, my Big Little Sister, convinced me to go get colonics.  I was always curious about it, but never bold enough […]

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