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So Much for an Easy Day

Today was supposed to be my day for an easy workout between boot camp classes.  My friend and I have been taking our Weekly stroll in the park for about a month.  However, today she invited her co-worker to join us.  My girl warned me that her co-worker was a “real walker.”  And she said it was okay for us to walk ahead of her since she’s a newbie.   It turned out to be much more than a lesuire stroll in the park.  Her co-worker was indeed a real walker, this lady didn’t even slow down for the big hills, she kept the same quick pace the whole time.  She walks much faster than I ever walk by myself.  Several times I had to jog just to keep up with her.  It was good though.  I welcomed the challenge.  After the 3 mile journey, my Big Little Sister called and asked me to join her at the gym.  I totally didn’t feel like it, but I was going to go to support her.  Then she had to leave to go pick up my niece.  Whew, thank God.  I know I’ve done 2 workouts in one day on several occasions, but I was so glad that today wasn’t one of them….Don’t forget that today is the last day to leave a comment and enter My Biggest Loser give away.  I’ve already got some awesome quotes and tips.  Check it out!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B– Vita Muffin Top and Low-fat yogurt

L– Mexican burritos, rice and beans, the fresh salsa was so good!

S– Pack of Peanut butter snack crackers

D– Left overs from lunch

* I Only drank water all day, Yay!

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