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I woke up this morning, determined to get in a sweaty nasty funky workout. The kind that makes you burn mega calories and lose weight.  Struggling to button my pants really freaked me out…. I realized I hadn’t actually been out running for a while and wanted to get back with the program.  I got Miss Nyah and headed to the park.  It was definitely a lot warmer than it has been for the past week, but without the extreme humidity we had this summer.  Nonetheless, I was sweating before I even got out my car.  I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  I looked at Nyah jumping all around waging her tail, and wished I could share in her excitement about our upcoming routine.  I put on my Week 3 podcast and got to it.  The first two runs were fine.  But the last two runs were pretty tough, I kept thinking to myself how amazing that I used to run for 3 whole miles and wishing I could push myself to run as fast as I ran after that chick that stole my purse.  I slowed down to a walk during the last 3 minute run.  I thought about those tight pants again, y’all might think I’m joking, but that really traumatized me. It pushed me right into gear as I finished Week 3 again.

Later that evening, Me and Mr. Man went to my friend’s BBQ.  As soon as I arrived, I got a text from my girl at work that read “Eat vegetables!”  I laughed and thanked her for her support and encouragement.  Man, I’ve got good friends!  I ate light early in the day so that I could eat a little more at the BBQ.  I probably still ate a little too much, and decided I wasn’t going to post “What Did Carli Eat Today?”  But, avoiding writing down what I ate doesn’t avoid weight gain.  And unfortunately, there were no veggies at the party.  But we had a good time, and I laughed every time my friend who reads my blog called him “Mr. Man”. 

What Did Carli Eat Today? ( I was a total carnivore today)

B– Bowl of Cinnamon toast Crunch mixed with Fiber One

L– Piece of steak (random, but I had to cook it before it went bad)

D– At the BBQ –  A Cheeseburger with lettuce pickle & onion, a couple bbq chix party wings, a handful of Doritos, 3 meatballs, about ½ cup of pasta salad.  Not too bad, but then came the devil food.  A little slice of both kinds of cake AND a caramel apple to go. 

*Overall, I feel good because I good because I got in a great run and regardless of whether it was a perfect food day , I WROTE IT DOWN!

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  1. Writing it down when you don’t want to is huge!! Good job on that!!

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