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Sticktoitiveness…I wasn’t even sure if it was a real word, but it seemed to describe the drive I needed stick with my training plan today.   According to dictionary.com, stick-to-itiveness is defined as dogged perseverance or resolute tenacity…..  It was a very long Monday, and they’ve added these random […]

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Don’t Re-invent the Wheel

I spent some time trying to figure what days I was going to pick to start training for my half-marathon. Although, I ultimately decided to go back to my old training schedule from when I first started training for my 1st 5K run. I diligently trained Monday, […]

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Exciting News!

The other day when I was at my Mom’s house, I was showing her this blog about lady who lost weight and learned to run…you know kinda similar to my story.  And there was a pic of her after one of her recent races….and my Mom casually […]

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Just For Laughs

Auntie’s Little “SunSHINE this morning while my Big Little Sister was getting ready for work….Hilarious.  I had to share.

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Blog Readers

Hey, this post is for anyone who reads my blog and any other blogs.   You either already have a “Feed Reader,” or you’re probably compleltely clueless as to what RSS, Feed and web syndication even means.  I started my blog as an outlet for my thoughts and a way to keep my self accountable.   It was […]

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