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94 Degrees

I did not want to work out alone today, so I waited until my little sister was available.  My god brother needed to use my car and cut my grass, so he dropped us off at the Park and I told him to come back in an […]

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Fruit Water

I’ve been doing a good job of sticking to drinking only water.  Although, I probably should say mostly water.  I actually drink about 80% water throughout the day.  Every once and a while a tea or a juice will find a way to sneak in.  One of my […]

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A Run and A Walk

I’m convinced that the hypnosis sessions are not making me crazy.  I think after just 2 days they are actually helping.  It changes your cravings if that makes sense.  I now have this nagging sensation that I need to go to bed at night, when normally, I’m […]

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Since the World Didn’t End…

Since the world didn’t end on Saturday, as predicted by “Christian” extremists, life goes on.  It’s amazing to me that people think that they can calculate the end of the world.  Anyway, this weekend went as planned. On Friday, I went to my cousin’s 16th Birthday backyard BBQ.  I heard […]

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Non-Scale Victories

At Weight Watchers they always say to focus on the Non-Scale Victories in addtion to the weight loss.  I realized that I don’t celebrate them enough.  I had so many opportunities to get off my food plan today, and I didn’t.   I’m happy and celebrating.  This morning’s […]

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