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Why Are You Fat?

I realize that not all of you are fat, but some of you are overweight. Please don’t take offensive. I’m actually posing the question to myself. Why are you fat Carli? I figure deep down inside there must be a part of me that enjoys carrying around […]

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Getting Ready for My Next Race

Tomorrow morning is the Komen 5K Breast Cancer Race for the Cure.  I’m walking with a couple of friends, oh and about 65,000 other supporters.  A lot of people have been practicing and training.  I feel pretty good, that I don’t really really have to train to walk […]

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The E-Word

On Sunday, I made up for my lazy Saturday. I did several loads of laundry, finished day 2 of Week 4 and even bought some new fish for my fish tank.  I also listened to my hypnosis CD session about “exercise.” You know the dreaded E-word that is […]

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Hot As You Know What!

Y’all, it is Hot as you know what outside. Last night I went to bed at a decent time (before the digital clock switched over to AM). I had high aspirations of a productive day. My internal clock woke me up at 6AM, but that was too […]

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My 1st Half Marathon Video Diary

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