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Updates…How’s that for a Catchy Title? LOL. This week I haven’t gotten the opportunity to work out like I normally do. At first I had some physical pain, and then my sinuses were killing me.  I really should have called off work, but I want to save […]

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Lose to Win

Hey!! Guess what? I signed up for a local weight loss competition called “Lose to Win.” It’s kind of like “The Biggest Loser,” but not really.   A lady passionate about fitness and healthy eating started a program to use your competitive edge to lose weight and […]

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An Egg-ceptional Lesson

Did you know …if you boil an egg in a pot of water and completely forgot about it for an hour (or more), that all of the water will boil out, and that the egg will stick, burn and explode? The egg will pop and cause an […]

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Super Saturday

I had an awesome week!  I’ve been going to the gym and eating healthy. (My internet has been down, sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about it.) Friday, I went to lunch with my Big Little Sister at my favorite Mexican restaurant and I did […]

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Mexican Chili – Carli’s Way

Here is a recipe for delicious Mexican Chili I made last night before I went to the gym. Ingredients – 1 Pound of Lean Ground Beef or Ground Turkey -1 Chili Seasoning Packet -1 Squirt of Ranch Salad Dressing (My Secret Ingredient) -1/3 cup Guacamole -1 Small […]

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