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The Tax Grind

Hey Y’all!  I’ve been buried in tax papers.  I felt guilty anytime I did something other than work on preparing them.  I finally meet with my accountant tonight to file them.  Whew!… I am not a number’s type of girl and this stuff stresses me out to no end.  But, luckily its almost over…(until next year.)  I’m more organized than I’ve ever been. I literally had shoe boxes full of receipts.  Now, I have labeled folders and envelopes and spreadsheets!

Anyway, I’m alive and well and even have a hot date on my calendar next weekend…Well, I’m not sure how “hot” it really is, but its a date!  Lol.  As far as food is concerned, I’m still cookie free and soda free.  My knees feel better already, soda is so BAD for your knees.  But, nonetheless, I  gained weight at the WW weigh in.  It wasn’t unexpected though, because I wasn’t keeping track of my food points.  Unlike taxes, losing weight is simple math

Eat +Tracking = Loss  & Eat – Tracking = Gain.

Hopefully without nightmares of receipts and missing the tax filing deadline swirling in my mind, I can focus on healthy eating.  I tracked breakfast and lunch today…so it’s a start.

  1. Glad to see that you are back on track. The weight watcher’s ice cream is delicious!

  2. Hey look who commented!! Thanks. 🙂

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