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A Visit to the Shrink

Everybody knows that I struggle with my weight and I’m always looking for ways to improve.  One of my best friends from college suggested that I go see a Christian counselor.  I figured that since I’ve tried everything from the cabbage soup diet to Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet, […]

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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Can you believe the holidays are here already?! 2012 has flown by and many places already have up Christmas decorations. For many of us who are watching our weight, all of the holiday celebrations can cause a little bit of anxiety. But, the best advice I think I ever […]

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A Reason to Smile

Hey Everybody!! I got my braces off! So I definitely have a reason to smile. They even threw in free teeth whitening. I love my new smile. I had braces when I was 20, but didn’t wear my retainer. Who knew you had to wear the retainer […]

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It seems like everywhere I turn, I keep getting the same message.  I keep hearing and reading about how it’s essential to understand the importance of what you say to yourself.  Recently, two of my favorite mentors, Joel Osteen and Oprah hosted a Life Class about the power […]

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