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A Beast in The Gym

Me and my Gym Cousin met at what could only be called rush hour at the gym today. There were hardly any treadmills or ellipticals available. We chatted for a minute and then I ran and grabbed the first treadmill that I saw available. He was over in […]

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Sunshine, Finally

We finally got some sunshine this weekend. On Saturday it was a beautiful 64 degrees. Of course everyone was happy for it to be warm and the park was full of joggers, walkers and families enjoying the first real hint of Spring. I took Nyah with me, she was […]

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Finding Strength in Vulnerability

I had my counseling session today.  I told her that the past week had been a little rough, and my eating had gotten a little out of control.  But this time, there was no deep psychological explanation tracing back to my childhood habit of cleaning my plate, or some secret […]

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Days Off = Bad

This weekend I was feeling so lazy. I just felt like relaxing, I didn’t want to go to the gym, so I didn’t. The only activity I did was going up and down the stairs for laundry. My food was definitely out of line too. I’m pretty sure […]

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How I Had 4 NSVs in One Day

Just in case you don’t know, “NSV” is short for a Non Scale Victory. During the weight-loss journey you have to learn to celebrate the non scale victories as much as you celebrate losing weight on the scale. NSV #1 I Avoided Free Fresh Baked Cookies This […]

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