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12 Days of Christmas Circuit at the Gym 

It’s 6 AM, it’s dark, it’s raining, it’s Christmas Eve Eve, I should be cleaning the house, My family is here from Florida, I don’t feel like getting up, these are all of the great excuse is that I came up with this morning.  Then I realized, they’re just “excuses.”  There was nothing physically preventing me from working out this morning. So, I was hoping my trainer would be in the Christmas spirit.  That was only true if that meant she was passing out Cardio like Christmas gifts.  Here’s what I did.  We started at One plank and added more each time.

Rainy morning














For example:

Round 1:  1 plank

Round 2: 2 walk outs, one plank

Round 3: 3 rows, 2 walk outs, 1 plank.

By Round 9 I was EXHUAUSTED, but we finished.  It took the whole hour.  But I finished!!
12 days of Christmas workout at the gym

1 30 sec plank

2 walk outs

3 seated rows with 50 pound  on the machine

4 push-ups

5 Kettlebell swing

6 Deadlift with the kettle bell

7 Sit Ups

8 Plank ups

9 Squats

10 Walking lunges

11 jump planks

12 thrusters with the kettle bell

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