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What are Beet Toppers? 

What are Beet Toppers? 

What are Beet Toppers? Well for starters beet toppers are not the same thing as craisins? Huh? Confused?  So was I. Let me explain. I love bag salads as I call them. It’s the salad that comes in the bag with all the fixins’.  It’s a healthy tasty  meal ready in like 2 minutes.  I usually add a pack of tuna for a boost of protein.  Anyway, I tried a new brand I’d never had before. The outside of the bag said the salad contained Kale, Spinach, Beet Toppers, Cranberries and Almonds. 

 But when I opened the bag there were two packets of purple stuff. One was of course the dried cranberry craisins, so the other must of have been beets. I didn’t know they freeze dried beets or whatever. All I did know was my first adult experience with beets a couple of weeks ago was not favorable. I wrote a popular post on my Carli Fierce Facebook Fan Page explaining how I thought beets tasted like dirt…and grass. So the last thing I wanted was for these freeze dried beets to ruin my salad. I carefully tasted the contents of each little bag. To my surprise, they almost tasted the same. Hmm…Maybe freeze dried beets taste better than salad bar beets? I wasn’t sure, but I was sure I didn’t want to take the chance of mixing them in my salad. 
So, I only ate the greens, the almonds and the tuna. But about half way through my salad, I said “man there is STILL something in this salad that tastes gross.” Then it clicked! I had a Coming to America “Aha Aha” moment.

Beet toppers are not cranberries or craisins. LOL. They are in fact these green leaves with a purple stem, which obviously come from the top part of the beet. But don’t judge me! Apparently “freeze dried beets” are a real thing, not something I just made up. However, they just weren’t in my salad. 

 I’m not really sure why I shared this, except that it was funny, and maybe I could introduce someone else to the no-so-wonderful world of beets and beet toppers. 


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