Fat to Fit to Fierce

Convo with Carli: Cinco De Mayo & Zumba 

Me: I don’t feel like going to Zumba
Carli Fierce: So what, you like Zumba and you already signed up with ClassPass.  You’ll have to pay a fee for not showing up.
Me: I’ll just show up, Sign in and leave

Carli Fierce: Thats’s dumb.

Me: Well, I’m tired.

Carli Fierce: Maybe you should not have had a cinco de mayo margarita at lunch

Me: good point

Carli Fierce: you always feel better after a workout, go put on your shoes

Me: *grunts* I guess.

1 Hour later

Me: Man, that was so fun! I love that class

Carli Fierce: Told ya!

I guess sometimes you just have to talk it out with yourself . Or maybe I’m just nuts lol.

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