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Fitness Bucket List Part 2

Fitness Bucket List Part 2

Okay! Here’s Part 2 of My Fitness Bucket List

9. Complete a Triathlon. Call me crazy but I really do want to Swim Bike Run.

10. Learn how to Salsa in Cuba. Now that we can go to Cuba, I think that would be fun.  I did Tango lessons years ago.

11. Zip lining through the Amazon Rain Forest. Ok, so don’t judge me. I could have Zip lined through the Amazon Rain Forest, but I passed up the opportunity (Insert Shock and Horror face.) So I’m totally afraid of heights, and when our tour group got to the zip line basket part our jungle tour, I was like “No way.”  “Who knows how long this little rope has been strung up in the jungle, and I’m a big juicy girl, no thanks.”  No tragic CNN headlines for me. EVERYONE else did it. Even my Big Little Sister took a ride on the zip line.  I don’t give 2 craps about peer pressure. So I hiked under it. But in hindsight it was probably not one of my better decisions. It was so steep, it felt like a 90 degree angle going down, and silly me, I wasn’t thinking that going up would be crazy hard.  I should’ve just rode in the stupid basket.

My Sister…Not Me LOL My walk underneath the Zip line

12. Skydiving. Hmmm. Looks like I need to get over this fear of heights thingy.
13. Skiing in the Alps. So, one time my Mom and I took a Mother Daughter trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I told everybody, I’m going skiing. I was so hype about it. Then I got there and saw the giant mountain. I had never thought about how you actually get up to the top of the mountain. Again people expect that I’m going to ride in a basket on a string. No thanks!  Well, I don’t know, perhaps this fear of heights is holding me back!
14. Go surfing in Hawaii. Oh Man, I’m such a planner, but I’m going to Hawaii for my 4oth Birthday (in 5 Years).  I will definitely do it then, well at least try.

15. Do Yoga in India. OMG you know I’m a yogi now. I think I actually want to do one of those yoga camp thingies. Go zen out for a week with the other yogis. How awesome with that be?

That’s it! I feel so blessed and grateful after looking at these pics and my experiences.  What have you guys done? What am I missing? What’s on your fitness bucket list?


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