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Lentil Quinoa Bowl from Panera Bread

Before the Daniel Fast, I would not have even considered ordering the Lentil Quinoa Bowl with chicken from “Bread Co,” that’s what we call Panera Bread here St. Louis. It’s broth based and only 410 calories and 34 grams of Protein. It was tasty and filling.  It […]

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Try a V8 as Part of a Healthy Snack

My trainer told me that I could add V8 vegetable juice as part of a healthy snack.  He said that I can drink a small can with a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. It’s weird to me, it sort of tastes like spaghetti sauce. Do […]

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Greek Yogurt: Yummy or Yucky?

It looks like back in 2011 I wrote up a pretty bad review on Greek Yogurt, when it was the newest health craze.  I tried it and thought it tasted awful, it was like eating a spoonful of sour cream. Yuck! However, since then, I’ve become much more open-minded and decided that similar to regular yogurt, […]

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Delicious Discoveries: Piñata Apples

OMG! I went to the farmer’s market on my lunch break. I was looking for this lady that makes this awesome Thai stir-fried whole grain rice with vegetables, but she wasn’t there. Anyway, there a big sign that said “Piñata Apples, They’re Back!” They looked so pretty. […]

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Delicious Discovery: Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

I have a new Delicious Discovery! I know I haven’t had one in forever, but this one is worth the wait. Salads bore me. I buy the lettuce and I’m ashamed to say too often it wilts and I throw it out. When I was in the frozen meal […]

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