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Back to Back Bootcamp?!

For breakfast this morning, I said  “Oh, I’ll have smoothie that I bought from the grocery store yesterday.”  It was delicious, but it was also 6 WW pts.  (For those who may not know WW points are just calories made easy, the more  points=more calories) I can […]

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No “Effin’” Way!

OMG!!! So, I came home from a very long day and casually checked my blog stats as usual, expecting to see the normal average of about 200 hits that I get in one day. But today it said I got 453 HITS. “No Effin Way!” I exclaimed. […]

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In the Famous Words of Ice Cube…

Today Was A Good Day.  First of all there was no rain, that’s enough for a good day.  But I cooled off the morning with a homemade smoothie, made out of Orange Juice, Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt, Fresh Strawberries and oatmeal.  At lunch me and the co-worker friend walked […]

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