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Hungry For Change

I recently watched a documentary about the food industry called Hungry for Change. If you’re interested in watching it after reading this post, you can buy it on Amazon, or watch it on Netflix. Here’s a clip from You Tube. I wanted to share some of the […]

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Runners Don’t Quit

As soon as I heard the news reports about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, my heart instantly hurt  for the participants.  My first thoughts were “Oh my God, after months of training they didn’t get to finish?” “Were any my Fierceling Fan runners participating in the race?” When you’re a […]

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After the Race

I’ve been on my natural Race Day high for a couple days now.  It still feels fresh. If you remember a week or so ago, I wrote about striving for healthy instead of skinny.  This shift in my mindset has been so good for me.  Instead of stressing […]

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6 Reasons Why I’m Considering Giving Up Beef

Yes I know it’s completely Un-American for me to consider giving up beef.  I mean it’s “what’s for dinner” right?  What’s life like without a hamburger?  And Oh My Gawd, what’s life without a melt-in-your-mouth tender and divine $40 steak from a fancy restaurant?  Well, the answer […]

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Days Off = Bad

This weekend I was feeling so lazy. I just felt like relaxing, I didn’t want to go to the gym, so I didn’t. The only activity I did was going up and down the stairs for laundry. My food was definitely out of line too. I’m pretty sure […]

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