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Behind the Velvet Rope: My Trip to Texas

Wow, what a weekend! My Big Little Sister and I went to Houston, Texas for a mini vacation. I’m going to try not to make this post too long, especially since it’s not about healthy eating or working out. Y’all know I’m a night person; I was […]

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Happy 3rd Birthday RunningIntoShape.com

It’s that time again… Running Into Shape.com is 3 years old!  My original Couch to 5K  Week 1 Training MP3/podcasts has been downloaded 24,666 times! My Rock Couch to 5K Week 1 Training has been downloaded 6,665 times. I have over 1,000 Fans on my Facebook Fan Page Running Into Shape has had over 696,335 […]

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5 Reasons I Had to Pinch Myself to See If I Was Dreaming

They always say that people like to read lists.  So here is a list of 5 Reasons I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. Pinch Me Reason #1 I quit my job today!  I’m making millions on the internet and no longer have […]

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Brace Face

I’ve got exciting news! First, I’m so super excited that Me and my Big Little Sister are going to Houston, Texas next month for vacation. We have friends and family there, and I’m going to go to Lakewood Church. Do you know what Lakewood church is? It’s […]

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The 500 Pound Gorilla

Hey everybody! Today while scrolling through my TV shows on my DVR, I watched Oprah’s Next Chapter show with Steven Tyler the lead singer from Aerosmith. Of course I know their songs, but I didn’t really know much about him. He very openly and candidly discussed his […]

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