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Pre-Vacation Wrap Up

I had every intention to write a blog post before I left St. Louis, but a surprise tornado drastically changed my plans. Before I explain, let’s rewind back to Thursday of last week. I was so nervous about my Weight Watcher weigh-in. I loosely tracked my food […]

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Roll Call

Hey Everybody!  It completely amazes where all of my Running into Shape visitors come from.  It’s time for a roll call.  Leave a comment letting me know what city, state or Country you live in.  Tell me do you like my blog or my podcasts? How far are you […]

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Get Moving!

 I’m on vacation in MEXICO!!! But I typed up a post before I left…. Do you read my blog and think, oh that’s so cool that Carli completed a half-marathon, but I could never do anything like that.  You should try to change your thinking.  Like I […]

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Just For Laughs

TRUE STORY, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to…..So, my phone rings…Hey It’s John* your tenant downstairs. I rolled my eyes assuming a pipe sprung a leak or something broke. I forced a fake smile and politely said “Yes?” John replied, “Do you know […]

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Post-Race Wrap-up

I’ve learned some important things from my Half-Marathon experience.  Here they are: 1)     Pray for “great weather” not “no rain” or you might get a humid 90 degrees 2)     The chap stick is needed after hours of walking and the dehydration and wind lead to dry lips […]

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