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1 and a Half Workouts

I was poking along all day, thinking I’ve got plenty of time to get ready.  Time flew by and traffic was horrific.  As a result I missed half of my personal training session.  Afterwards, I decided to go in search of a pouch to put on my shoe […]

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A New Day

I woke up this morning at 8 am.  I think I was a little too excited about getting myself back on track.  I decided to go back to sleep and woke up later to a phone call from one of the temp agencies, the recruiter wanted to […]

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Fat Lady Stuck to the Couch

I woke up this morning feeling kinda blah.  I got the official word that I wasn’t chosen for the other position I interviewd for last week, and that put me in a funk.   I’m a borderline work-aholic. I like to work, and sitting at home is making me crazy.  […]

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My Greatest Fear

This morning, I got up and went to my personal training session.  After the elliptical warm up, he switched up the dumbbell routine, and it was harder than usual.  After we finished working out, he said we had to weigh in.  For the first time in a […]

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Bitter Sweet

Today was bitter sweet.  All day I waited for the phone to ring.   No such luck.  One of the places where I interviewed said I was great, but I was just the runner-up.  The other place didn’t call back at all.  I guess I’m back to […]

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