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Security Put Me Out!

I went to church this morning. My mother and another member of the board asked me to assist with the church walk-a-thon. Of course you know that’s right up my ally. I had about 20 people to sign up after church. I even scheduled two group training […]

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Take 2

On Thursday, I was supposed to walk 25 minutes. However, I did not sleep well Wednesday night.   So, by the time I got home from work on Thursday evening I was exhausted. I realized that meant I would have to come home and walk on Friday night, […]

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Going on a Treasure Hunt

My little sister joined me on my walk in the park today.  She came out of the house wearing her family reunion t-shirt that we got down in Mississippi.  Coincidently, I had on mine too.  We both laughed at the thought of how silly we would look […]

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Pink X’s

Crossing off those Pink X’s on the training calendar on my fridge makes me feel so good.  I guess it’s technically not the act of crossing them off that feels good, but knowing the obstacles that I usually have to overcome to earn the right to do […]

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Like Barefoot, Only Better?

I knew that I had plans this evening, so I decided to walk during my lunch break. It was pretty hot outside, but I walked around near the arch grounds. Then my old coworker friend met me for salad. It was pretty good. I threw a little […]

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