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What Happened in Vegas – 30th Birthday Edition

Whew!  I’m still tired, I don’t know where to begin.  I guess the beginning…30 years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born in Kansas City, Missouri to loving parents eagerly awaiting their first born.  Daddy had to cut his run short to get to the hospital […]

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Since the World Didn’t End…

Since the world didn’t end on Saturday, as predicted by “Christian” extremists, life goes on.  It’s amazing to me that people think that they can calculate the end of the world.  Anyway, this weekend went as planned. On Friday, I went to my cousin’s 16th Birthday backyard BBQ.  I heard […]

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An Adventure in Auntie-land

Today was my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party. Of course I wanted to bring my little niece. However, there was one little problem. If you read my blog you know that I rarely talk about children. I mean they are cool little people, but they typically don’t […]

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Happy B-Day RunningIntoShape.com

Wow I can’t believe it!!!  Running Into Shape.com is 2 years old today!  My Couch to 5K  Week 1 Training podcasts has been downloaded 13,000 times, I’ve had over 343,000 visitors  and I’m training for my very first half marathon!  Not bad for a 2nd Birthday!

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Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! So, what’s all this Vegas talk? I’m celebrating my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2011. I have a new mission that I’m calling “Operation Vegas.” I actually started this mission a couple weeks ago on my Progress & Pics Page, but […]

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