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The Writing’s On the Wall

First of all, Lyle called me twice this week about coming back to boot camp class, so I had to go. I was so nervous on the way to class tonight. I knew it would be super hard, not only because I didn’t participate in the last […]

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On Track & in Control

For some time I’ve been meaning to try out the Weight Watcher e-tools and see what it was all about.  However, having done weight watchers in the past, I just couldn’t imagine how useful it could really be.   I thought to myself, why would I want to type up my food when […]

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Boot Camp on Steroids

OMG! Boot camp class tonight was so over the top. I don’t know if Lyle was mad at somebody or what. We did 90 reps, yes I said 90 reps of everything. I couldn’t believe it when he said do 100 jumping jacks and run to the […]

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A Delicious Walk

I went to boot camp class last night.  I pretty much limped the whole way through it.  I tried to run, but my left knee was killing me, so I just walked during the runs.  I was so happy that class wasn’t as hard as I thought it […]

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I Don’t Recommend It

I certainly don’t recommend walking 6 miles for the first time and going to boot camp class the next day. However, that’s exactly what I did. I already for paid it, and I missed Tuesday, so I had to go. I was still sore from yesterday’s 6 […]

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