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My Body is Telling Me No

My Body is telling me no…..But my Mind is telling me Yessssss! My half marathon is less than 1 month away, and I know I need to be really consistent with training if I’m going to finish that race. I missed boot camp class yesterday, because I […]

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Agh, Girl Scout Cookies

Yesterday, I casually checked my blog stats expecting to see the normal couple hundred or so visitors.  When I saw 1,034 hits in one day, I screamed.  I literally screamed.  Nyah came running in to see what was wrong.  I told her “Baby, I’m going reach my goal of […]

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The Biggest Loser

It’s ironic how I’m so far from being the The Biggest Loser, but so close at the same time. Yesterday at my Weight Watcher meeting, I gained a devastating 2 pounds. I felt awful. The nice lady who weighed me in said it might have been my […]

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Thank God I’m Alive!

Today started off as any other day, but ended in a car accident on the highway.  Don’t worry, I’m okay…I think…This evening when I was leaving work, I was on a natural high.  I had just received a phone call from a law firm downtown.  I had […]

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The Final Boot Camp

This morning’s boot camp class was the last one in this session.  That was the only reason, I rolled over, stepped over sleeping Nyah, and picked up the little sister.  Since it was chilly this morning, (60 degrees in late July), I put on the track pants […]

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