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I Dream About Working Out

I went out of town this weekend to help one of my best friend’s move.  She bought her 1st house, Yay!  I packed my workout gear in my luggage, and planned for the best.  I set my cell phone alarm for my 6 AM run because I […]

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I’m a Soldier

I woke up this morning coughing up gross stuff, and still feeling a little under the weather. But, I got up and went to boot camp class anyway.  Boy, oh boy did he work us.  I had sweat dripping down my legs.  We really focused on intense ab exercises today.  […]

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“How Are You Feeling Today Champ?”

“Oh only ’bout 70%” as Sam Jackson said in the movie Resurrecting the Champ.  I slept under the fan for a few days and came down with a cough, a sore throat and severe nasal congestion.   I missed boot camp class, and was going to work a half […]

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Boot Camp Class Was Great!

I was actually able to go to bed at a decent time and get up and go to boot camp class at 6 this morning.  When I picked up my little sister, the thermostat in my car said it was already 80 degrees.We ate peanut butter crackers […]

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Funny Boot Camp Story

The Komen walk on Saturday made me wonder if I was actually going to be prepared to run the 5K  in heat of July.  Running outside in the sun, is definitely different than jogging in a cool breeze in April.  So, to counteract my fear, I signed […]

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