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Behind the Velvet Rope: My Trip to Texas

Wow, what a weekend! My Big Little Sister and I went to Houston, Texas for a mini vacation. I’m going to try not to make this post too long, especially since it’s not about healthy eating or working out. Y’all know I’m a night person; I was […]

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Brace Face

I’ve got exciting news! First, I’m so super excited that Me and my Big Little Sister are going to Houston, Texas next month for vacation. We have friends and family there, and I’m going to go to Lakewood Church. Do you know what Lakewood church is? It’s […]

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Super Saturday

I had an awesome week!  I’ve been going to the gym and eating healthy. (My internet has been down, sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about it.) Friday, I went to lunch with my Big Little Sister at my favorite Mexican restaurant and I did […]

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Security Put Me Out!

I went to church this morning. My mother and another member of the board asked me to assist with the church walk-a-thon. Of course you know that’s right up my ally. I had about 20 people to sign up after church. I even scheduled two group training […]

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The Gym Reminds Me Of Church

Sometimes the gym reminds me of church. Whenever you backslide and don’t show up regularly like you’re supposed to; they are still right there waiting for you with open arms. I have not worked out in days and days and days. It’s been so hot that the […]

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