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Saturday Morning Boot Camp Revival

I’ve missed saturday morning boot camp for the past few weeks because I had saturday appointments with the allergy doctor. That’s all finished now, and its time to get back to my Saturday morning routine. I rolled over and saw that the clock said 7:03 AM. I […]

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Getting Back on Track After Vacation

I’ve been on vacation in Atlanta Georgia! I absolutely love to travel, but oddly enough, I had never been to Atlanta. I found a super cheap flight for $75 round-trip, so there was no way that I was passing that up. This past weekend my Lawyer Friend […]

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New Measurements

Just when I think I have Dan my trainer figured out, he mixes it up on me. He specifically told me that we’d be taking measurements next week. Measurements Day with Dan, typically consists of “running” a mile as fast as I can while attempting to beat my […]

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The Return of What Did Carli Eat Today?

I decided to start tracking my food again.  I still don’t like keeping a food diary, it’s still annoying and … it still works.  There are so many little things I pick up and eat, but don’t realize.  Like, I didn’t think twice about the protein bar […]

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Meatless Monday

I have a confession, in the past couple months I have become a Huge Oprah fan. Groupie would probably be a more accurate description. Every day I run home and watch episodes of The Oprah Winfrey show  and shows that I have DVR’d on the OWN network.  […]

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