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A Week of Activity

I don’t feel really chatty today.  I think it’s because I’m tired.  I walked on Monday with Mr. Man, I went to extreme boot camp class on Tuesday with my girl from work, I did my normal weekly walk with my Best Friend yesterday and Boot camp again today.  […]

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A Romantic Stroll

                                                                                              This morning, I missed the first wake-up call from Mr. Man.  He enjoyed our workout so much last weekend, that he wanted to go again.  Finally, I heard the phone ring when he was just 20 minutes away.  Still sleepy, I put on some shorts to […]

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Good Morning!

Last night, Me and Mr. Man went to a bar-b-que at my Big Little Sister’s house.  That girl has more BBQ’s  and “just because” parties than anybody I know.  After the party, we came back to my house and watched this semi-scary movie called “The Crazies.”  I […]

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Fat Girl Running

Today is Wednesday, so it was time for the weekly walk with my Best Friend.  Since I did so well with Week 2 yesterday, I decided it was time to move on to Week 3.  My friend got a head start walking down the path, while I […]

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Electro Funk Assembly

My Best Friend and I knew we had plans tonight, so we moved our Weekly Wednesday Walk to Tuesday.  I was still a little sore from Monday, but she didn’t really give me a choice.  And, I knew it was now or never.  It’s so good to […]

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