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A Fit-tastic Day

My personal training session was pushed up today, and I had to drag myself out of bed at 8:30 this morning to make it there on time. It was a good workout, and the scale was finally working in my favor again. As I looked at my […]

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Till I Collapse

I woke up today thinking that I didn’t have anything to do.  The only thing on my “to do list” was my monthly check- in with the unemployment office.  Then I remembered, I do have to go running.  I hadn’t been running since Monday.  I got all […]

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Where Have you Been?

I guess that’s the question you’re probably asking.  I’ve never gone this long without blogging.  The answer is a little complicated, yet simple.   I’ve taken some time to do some spiritual growth.  I’ve been reading and studying the bible and reading “The Purpose Driven® Life.”  A month […]

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My Greatest Fear

This morning, I got up and went to my personal training session.  After the elliptical warm up, he switched up the dumbbell routine, and it was harder than usual.  After we finished working out, he said we had to weigh in.  For the first time in a […]

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Bitter Sweet

Today was bitter sweet.  All day I waited for the phone to ring.   No such luck.  One of the places where I interviewed said I was great, but I was just the runner-up.  The other place didn’t call back at all.  I guess I’m back to […]

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