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Underwear & Catfish

A while back one of my guy friends asked me “Do you wear underwear to the gym when you work out?” I told him, “Yes, normally I do.” And he told me that upon assessing the women at the gym, he didn’t see many panty lines. We […]

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I Moved On to Week 2

This morning, I text my Gym Cousin to remind him that we needed to meet at the gym tonight to begin training for Week 2. He asked me what I was eating to lose weight and then accused me of trying to leave him fat. LOL! I […]

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Little Sisters Are Annoying

I thought that my sisters move away from St. Louis (one in Florida and one in Kansas City) would be extremely difficult since we share such a close bond. But, with modern technology it’s surprisingly not so bad. Most nights, I talk to my Big Little Sister […]

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Wardrobe Malfunction

  My Gym Cousin and I decided to meet at the gym. I was already running late and was too lazy to do laundry the night before. So, I put on the only thing that was clean, some workout pants that were probably a size too small. I […]

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A Girl, a Guy & a Podcast

Saturday morning I woke up and called my Big Little Sister in Florida.   We caught up on the phone for about an hour and then I went to the gym. I shamelessly scanned the free weights area to see if they were any sexy men working out and […]

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