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Couch to the 5K…Again?

Its official, I decided to do the Couch to 5K program again!  I’m sort of in shape, and I’m certainly past being a couch potato, but running requires dedicated training.  I couldn’t believe how hard Week 1 was for me the other day, so I decided to challenge […]

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On Track & in Control

For some time I’ve been meaning to try out the Weight Watcher e-tools and see what it was all about.  However, having done weight watchers in the past, I just couldn’t imagine how useful it could really be.   I thought to myself, why would I want to type up my food when […]

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Writer’s Block

I kind of have writer’s block.  Well not really, I just don’t know that I can write anything “inspiring.”  It’s not like I’m eating real bad or not working out.  I went to the gym yesterday and got on the elliptical for half an hour.  I mean […]

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Race Day Plans

I’ve been going back and forth for days now, trying to figure out what to do about my half marathon (13.1 miles) race planned for Sunday. I called again to double check, and they said you must keep up the 13 minute per mile pace for the […]

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From Oops to WOW

I lost 3.4 pounds at my Weight Watcher’s weigh in today!  I was honestly quite shocked.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been mostly eating right, sorta tracking my food, but totally getting in activity. Oh yeah, and I gave up cookies.  I guess all of […]

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