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Uploading Week 3 and 4!

I left the drama behind, and got off my butt today and went to the gym.  Mom and the little sister joined me.  This is mom’s second time working out this week!  And she hadn’t worked out for months! Yay Mama!  She said she might even buy […]

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Mixing Up My Workout

Let me start by saying, I didn’t workout this weekend, and I ate good at a fabulous Chinese/Japanese Buffet for my birthday, AND I don’t feel the least bit bothered by it.  But, what’s important is, this morning I got right back on track and started my day […]

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Downtown Was a Soggy Mess

I had to go downtown today to pick up my All-Star 5K race packet from the booth they set up across from Busch Stadium.  It was pouring down rain, the whole way from my house.  By the time I got there, it let up some, and I picked up […]

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“How Are You Feeling Today Champ?”

“Oh only ’bout 70%” as Sam Jackson said in the movie Resurrecting the Champ.  I slept under the fan for a few days and came down with a cough, a sore throat and severe nasal congestion.   I missed boot camp class, and was going to work a half […]

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A Friendly Workout

So today, I was feeling kind of bad and didn’t really want to go workout. I was going to call the little sister and cancel our gym appointment.  Then, my friend, a true gym junkie, called and said he wanted to workout with me. It was perfect […]

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