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Funny Boot Camp Story

The Komen walk on Saturday made me wonder if I was actually going to be prepared to run the 5K  in heat of July.  Running outside in the sun, is definitely different than jogging in a cool breeze in April.  So, to counteract my fear, I signed […]

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Not Feeling My Run Today

Nada, Zilch, Zero…Nothing in me wanted to go running today.  I was supposed to start Week 2 of my 5K training podcast, and missed a training day on Monday.  It was so hot and humid outside, I figured the gym would be a better option.  Unfortunately, it […]

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High School Reunion Weekend

                                                 I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school! All weekend we partied like it was 1999.   The bar crawl was Friday night, let’s just say I had my share of Bazooka Joe Bubble gum  flavored shots.  Bowling and the dinner […]

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Have you Ever Wondered…

   What it would be like if we looked in the mirror and saw our insides instead of the outside?  Not our soul and spirit, but our veins and muscles.  If I were to look in the mirror and see my arteries clogging, would I still have eaten […]

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Brawling at the Gym!

Okay, well not really…but almost.  So I achieved my 5K goals, and decided to “reward” myself and take off a couple days from working out, which turning into an entire week… my body was so stiff, and my sexy toned calf muscles were beginning to turn into mush, it was definitely time […]

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