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Running On a Broken Treadmill

When I worked out with Dan my trainer, he said he wanted to try something he had seen on one of those weight loss TV shows.  I instantly got nervous.  He told me that the TV trainer had his client running on the treadmill while it was […]

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Getting Back on Track After Vacation

I’ve been on vacation in Atlanta Georgia! I absolutely love to travel, but oddly enough, I had never been to Atlanta. I found a super cheap flight for $75 round-trip, so there was no way that I was passing that up. This past weekend my Lawyer Friend […]

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New Measurements

Just when I think I have Dan my trainer figured out, he mixes it up on me. He specifically told me that we’d be taking measurements next week. Measurements Day with Dan, typically consists of “running” a mile as fast as I can while attempting to beat my […]

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Blingin’ In The Spotlight

I was in the spotlight a little bit this week. Last weekend I went out with one of my childhood friends for her birthday. We dare not tell people that we’ve been friends since birth a.k.a. for 32 years! She’s friends with a photographer he snapped our picture […]

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We’re Almost Done!

As soon as I got to my personal training session, we hit the ground running…literally. After a quick 4-minute warm-up on the elliptical Dan said “Let’s go outside to the parking lot for sprints.” I did a few running sprints at half speed and then some at […]

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