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It seems like everywhere I turn, I keep getting the same message.  I keep hearing and reading about how it’s essential to understand the importance of what you say to yourself.  Recently, two of my favorite mentors, Joel Osteen and Oprah hosted a Life Class about the power […]

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Life Without My Scale

I mentioned in my last post that I was putting away the scale, because I didn’t use it as a tool to reflect a number; but more so as a way to dictate my feelings of self-worth.  I must admit that putting away the scale was hard.  I […]

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The Black Eyed Peas Experience

I hadn’t worked out in so long. I didn’t really feel like going to the gym, so I decided to burn some calories on my Xbox Kinect. I had never played The Black Eyed Peas Experience dance and sing along game.   I popped it in and […]

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White Water Rafting

Last night I was gliding down the river in a float boat and attempted to jump over a boulder but came crashing down hard on my knee.  Of course all of this happened right in my living room while playing the X-Box sensor motion detector game called […]

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Turkey Trotter

My half marathon training schedule indicated that I should complete one mile on Thanksgiving Day.  I really did not feel like it.  I’ve been working with major overtime at work, preparing for trial.  That’s why I’ve been kind of MIA on the blog scene (sorry!)  One night I […]

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