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94 Degrees

I did not want to work out alone today, so I waited until my little sister was available.  My god brother needed to use my car and cut my grass, so he dropped us off at the Park and I told him to come back in an […]

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Funny Boot Camp Story

The Komen walk on Saturday made me wonder if I was actually going to be prepared to run the 5K  in heat of July.  Running outside in the sun, is definitely different than jogging in a cool breeze in April.  So, to counteract my fear, I signed […]

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Komen Race for the Cure

This weekend was jam packed. We had lots of family in town for my Grandmother’s 75th B-Day Party.  Everyone was hanging out the night before eating Chinese Food at 11 PM… I choose to eat grapes and drink diet coke.   I can’t say I was as disciplined at […]

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Not Feeling My Run Today

Nada, Zilch, Zero…Nothing in me wanted to go running today.  I was supposed to start Week 2 of my 5K training podcast, and missed a training day on Monday.  It was so hot and humid outside, I figured the gym would be a better option.  Unfortunately, it […]

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My Big 5K Race Day! I MADE IT!!!!

  Today was my Big Race Day.  I must admit I’m so proud to say, I Made It!  I jogged for 3.1 miles.  My 2 goals were to finish in under an hour, and not to come in last.  I met both of them!  While listening to the Rocky […]

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