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My 5K Reclamation Run

I’m reclaiming my fitness! Yes reclamation is a word, it’s a noun for reclaiming something, I Googled it, so I know it’s legit LOL. Last night I laid out everything, my clothes, my sports bra, my iPod, my running shoes and socks, my Jesus tattoo everything. My […]

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New 5 K & 10K Podcast!

Did you know I went back to the studio and made a new podcast? Do you love my original podcasts and want more? You asked for it and I listened.  I created a Race Day podcast designed to coach you through your big day, whether your big day […]

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A Terrified Weigh-In

Yesterday I was completely panicking about today’s weigh in.  Earlier in the week I was doing so well, that I freaked out.  I told myself, that I have to eat sugar,  I can’t be one of those weird people who don’t, why should I deprive myself of something […]

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I Wanna Be That Fit Chick

I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little differently than I normally do. I woke up feeling like I wanted to be “that fit chick.” I wanted to be that girl who walks around the gym with confidence in a sports bra or cut off shirt. I wanted to […]

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It seems like everywhere I turn, I keep getting the same message.  I keep hearing and reading about how it’s essential to understand the importance of what you say to yourself.  Recently, two of my favorite mentors, Joel Osteen and Oprah hosted a Life Class about the power […]

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