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Sisters In Sweat

Yesterday was my Dad’s 60th birthday party. My mom threw a get-together at the house, because he didn’t want a “party.” So, this get-together included bar-b-que, green beans, corn on the cob, spaghetti, potato salad, pasta salad, appetizers, peach cobbler, birthday cake and ice cream along with about […]

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Red October

I had such a fun-filled weekend.  Friday night was game 7 of the World Series in Major League Baseball.  St. Louis was on fire!  I was sitting at home alone watching the game before called my Big Little Sister and suggested that we go somewhere and watch […]

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Accepting the Things I Can Not Change

I have learned in life that often times our greatest strength can also be a debilitating weakness. In my life being stubborn and strong headed has gotten me to great places that defy statistics. However, on the other hand being too stubborn has caused a lot of […]

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From the Pot to the Oven

Today was such a weird day. It was a freakishly beautiful spring-like day in February. My coworker friend and I went to lunch at Chavas, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Soulard downtown. She got to the point where she was tired of the shenanigans at […]

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

I’m not in Kansas anymore!  Well technically, I live in Missouri, but right now I’m in Los Angeles, California, which is definitely not like Kansas or Missouri.  Most days the temperature is in the low 70’s and I’m here on a much needed vacation.   I am relaxing and having a blast.  My […]

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