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The Love Zone and Sweet Treats

While everyone else was in the Love Zone, Me and the lil sister hit the gym.  I was amazed at all the available parking spots, everyone was at home eatin’ chocolate and I was burning calories around the track.  I have to toot my own horn and […]

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I Can’t Believe It!

The rain was nice enough to let up and let me go to the gym.  I had a couple “I can’t believe it” moments today, 1) a Lawyer at work said, “You inspired me to buy a treadmill”, 2) a Paralegal said “I wish I had your […]

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Rain or Shine, No Excuses

What started off as a warm beautiful day turned into rain and gloom.  Most people know how much I don’t like rain, it’s so depressing….anyway, I had my workout clothes laid out so there would be no excuses when I got home from work.  My lil sis […]

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My First Charted 5K Training Run!

I did my first charted run today with Nike Plus!  It’s a cool little device that you attach to your tennis shoe and your ipod that tracks your distance speed etc.  I added a link below if you want to learn more.   You have been volunteered to be on […]

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