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2 Workouts in 1 Day

This morning, I was determined to stick to my running plan.  I realized that my next 5K is right around the corner.  Me and Nyah went to the park and I was doing pretty good, until I got a stomach cramp, which I learned from one of […]

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Go Carli, it’s your Birthday!

Okay, so my b-day was a couple weeks ago, but it certainly felt like my b-day was today!  This morning I woke up to my Mom calling me to go workout! How cool is that?  Me, Mom and Nyah power-walked a little over 2 miles in the park, […]

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Nothing Like a Woman Scorned

This morning, it was raining, and I didn’t go for my run.  Then I ate greasy pancakes, and I pretty much felt queasy the rest of the day.  Yes, these are just excuses, but I got a great non-exercise story to tell since I was just sitting at […]

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My 3 Mile Lesson

This morning, I called my Mom, to join me on my 3 mile brisk walk in the park.  I always wished I had free time during the day like she and my big little sister have…maybe I wished too hard…  But Anyway, she agreed, and Me and Mom […]

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Swimming for Fun and Exercise

I woke up this morning at 7:17 AM, despite the fact that I intentionally turned off the alarm clock last night.  All kinds of thoughts swirled in my mind.   Yesterday wasn’t a just a bad dream? Should I get the cable turned off?  Who really needs a […]

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