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I’ve Got a Secret

All week, my friend asked me to walk with her on Saturday.  I thought I had a meeting and wouldn’t be able to join her, but the meeting got rescheduled.  I overslept, but still made to her house by 11 Saturday morning.  I did not feel like […]

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Happy Birthday R.I.S

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday Dear Running Into Shape, Happy Birthday to me!  Okay, so I spent all week coming up with this fancy title and song, just to realize that technically, I think it’s my 1 Year blog Anniversary, not birthday. LOL! […]

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I Would Rather…

Today, I would have rather stayed at home and clean nasty chitlins, instead of going to the gym for my run.  (if you didn’t laugh, click here.) Of course, I don’t eat chitlins or even have any at home, but that was the least enjoyable thing in the world […]

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I’m a Soda Addict

Hello my name is Carli, and I’m a soda addict!  The first step is admitting it right? I already have enough addictions (food and shopping) and now I get to add soda to list. Ugh, I can’t believe it. I knew I liked soda, and I knew […]

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Skinny B!tch

Ouuuuu! That’s a spicy blog post title.   Today I started reading the New York Times best seller Skinny B!tch.  It’s a fun tell it like it is diet and natural nutrition book for women.  I’ve gasped out loud several times when the authors said things like, “Taking […]

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